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The presentation of IBD Partnership


The IBD Partnership is a professional company that facilitates "borderless learning" by meetings and exchange programs. We have focused our efforts on working with projects that are funded through the European Commissions's LLP, but also work within other spheres.

Our aim is to provide the best possible work experience in Portsmouth, Southampton and other UK cities. We encourage the development of valuable skills, such as language proficiency, intercultural understanding and professional skills. We boost other qualities as well, which can make a significant contribution to an individual s prospects, including self-esteem, self-confidence and adaptability.

Dealing with numerous requests per year from all over Europe we are offering quality training to beneficiaries such as students, teachers, trainers and other participants on the labour market. We have successfully worked with Leonardo da Vinci, ERASMUS and other EU funded projects for numerous fund holders covering a great deal of topics. We also have extensive experience of managing projects in information technology, business, and third (voluntary) sectors as well as dealing with the disadvantaged, disabled, hard to reach and socially challenged groups.

IBD promotes synergy, bonding and communication. In cooperation with our partners in the private and public sector of the corporate world, we offer innovation and education projects for different sections of the labour market.

Furthermore, IBD has an extensive experience in the management of both EU funded projects and national projects in the fields of immigration, integration and education. We have worked and had a direct contact with immigrants in the education sector who has successfully made UK their main residence. Our personnel have been training and continue to increase its professional skills in integration training, job search and adaptation, work and cultural preparation, teaching English as a foreign language to immigrants and many others. Multiculturalism and education are the core interests of IBD Partnership.

The key personnel of IBD have worked for many blue chip companies and also currently sit on numerous national and local governments advisory panels. They have managed international projects and led many trade delegations to numerous countries.



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