Project Team


The CEO of IBD, Raja Ali, worked in the City of London where he was responsible for the firms corporate clients based in USA and Hong Kong. He then was appointed Consultant to a Coca Cola franchise holder in Bangladesh to help write their business model and to implement the recommendation along with PwC. He was responsible for the financial negotiations and identifying the opportunities in the South East Asia market. Raja was involved with a private venture capital initiative to look at renewable energy and was a consultant to the group who put a bid together for the first textile park for a national government to help supply the demand for clothing in the western world.
Raja is now the Managing Partner of the IBD Partnership which acts as consultants to many organisations all over the world dealing with International trade development, market entry or exit strategies and corporate partnerships. Raja has also served as a Special Envoy to Bangladesh. He also has vast experience of dealing with projects funded by the EU under LLP.
Raja Ali has an experience in the management of charities and NGOs in the field of education and integration.
The Managing Director of IBD, Alf Tweedy has worked for numerous local governments at senior management level. He has hands on experience of managing projects for the National Health Service in the UK. He also has a vast amount of experience of dealing with large scale projects run by national governments and dealing with bids to the national lottery for project funding.
He has numerous years teaching experience at many levels, dealing with ages ranging from 16 to 60 in information technology. He was responsible for identifying essential services for a local authority and as part of his duties; he has built an extensive network and relationship with local employers. He has extensive knowledge of the financial and third sector in the UK.
The Marketing and Liaising manager, Liva Snake has academic background in international relations, communications and culture and professional experience with EU mobility projects for several years in various companies. Liva Snake will deal with communication and practical management aspects in this project.


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