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BWK BildungsWerk in Kreuzberg GmbH


The BWK BildungsWerk in Kreuzberg GmbH (BWK) is a service provider in vocational orientation, job preparation, initial vocational training, higher education, integration-promoting counselling and job-placement activities. Our approach includes vocational training as well as language training and social coaching.


Founded in 1983, the BWK consists of three operating sites in the centre of the city, the headoffice is in the multicultural district of Kreuzberg. The majority of our courses is specially designed for the benefit of socially disadvantaged and/or unemployed young adults. Together with our international and national partners we are currently working on projects enhancing entrepreneurship, social competence and improvement of customer related communication. We also develop improved instruments and methods for the professionalizing of apprenticeships in foreign businesses, as well as for the coaching of foreign start up businesses. We actively support the process of social integration. Approximately 75% of our participants are of different foreign descents with a migrational background. Highly qualified teachers, instructors and social workers are committed in this ever-new-challenge.


The offers of the BWK based on freely financed activities and the funding structures of the employment agencies, job center, the European Social Fund, the Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees.


The high quality of our education services is documented by our certification in accordance with the international standards DIN EN ISO 9001 and AZAV.


The BWK is being located in the intersection of three important purviews of German politics: the policy of employment, education and of integration politics. The dedication of BWK focuses on the integration of members of migrant communities in first, second of further generation by developing and offering chances of vocational education and advanced trainings.





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