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COMPETIR Formação e Serviços, S.A. was created on 3rd March 1993 with the claim Top Training builds Top Competitors and the mission to provide VET services and consulting in several areas like management, accounting, law, audit, marketing, human resources, IT and other domains with the emphasis on VET benefiting from financial support through European or National funds.

With its headquarters in Lisbon, COMPETIR belongs to a Portuguese Entrepreneurial Group with 13 offices in Portugal mainland and Madeira and Azores Islands, as well 5 international branches in Hungary, Poland, Romania, Cape Verde and Brazil.

COMPETIR is certified by DGERT (Directorate General of Employment and Labour Relations) as a promoter and training solutions provider in 53 areas (is number 1 in the portuguese training private sector and 2.º in general after the Public Institute of Employment and Vocational Training (IEFP)).

COMPETIR is accredited in 6 main domains:

-        Diagnosis of training needs to fulfill competences gaps

-        Planning assistance to VET activities

-       Designing interventions for VET programs and   supports for training

-        Organization and promotion of VET activities

-        Implementation and execution of VET activities

-        Monitoring and quality evaluation of VET activities - 2 structures approved by ANQEP (National Agency for qualification and Vocational Education and Training) integrated in the RVCC national system to make the recognition of vocational processes and validation of skills apprenticeships from new learning activities

COMPETIR is organized in 7 Strategic Business Units:

-      Innovation (Creative Learning, Eurofunding, Business Development, Knowledge Management, Games Based Learning and Technology Enhanced Learning)

-      International (acting in VET, agriculture, tourism, real state, health and security business sectors and european funding projects)

-       Pedagogical training service line (53 certified knowledge areas)

-       Marketing and Communication

-        Human Capital

-        Finance and Management Control; Quality (ISO 9001 (in process) and DGERT)

COMPETIR Team's are a combination of people with business knowledge, solid experience and youth. These professionals holds a multiplicity of skills and experience in the VET and LLL Program fields and also contributes to make the company an innovative, dynamic and modern organization as result of the existing team spirit which is based in solidarity and cooperation between different departments where the 90 direct collaborators and 800 hired consultants has a important key role to provide excellent human capital services to the client portfolio: schools, universities, SMES, multinationals, public institutions, state departments, business associations, chambers of commerce, ONGD, third sector organizations, unions, municipalities, etc.

The working system will be forged through the creation of a business innovation market place at a national and european levels,  structured in values like strong client orientation, market driven strategy to fullfil market failures and social needs, alliances and partnership to share the creation of value between partners and strong social responsability to help clients, business partners, stakeholders, collaborators and citizens to produce positive impacts at a social, economic, environmental and human levels in the local economy, communitiy, territory and with nature.

During the project, COMPETIR will implement a quality system aligned with the DGERT and ISO 9001 systems principles and orientations, with the support of the partner CECOA who will have the responsibility of the quality management work package.


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