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Self Presentation

Tempo Libero is a non profit organisation born in 1987 operating in social, educational and welfare service with a specific focus on immigration and integration process.

Its main areas are: Information projects and services, educational guidance and other school support projects, Youth International Mobility (Youth in Action - LLP Erasmus Plus), Social and educational projects, Intercultural actions and training activities.

In the field of services aimed at including foreign-born citizens, Cooperativa Tempo Libero has been promoting projects to support several actions based on the cooperation among: schools, social and welfare service, health service and other territorial organisations, in order to enhance the inclusion of people through intercultural education. The main purpose is to promote intercultural cross actions in schools and social-educational institutions in order to go beyond mere emergency interventions, and increasing the quality of public welfare service in view of a more effective integration and inclusion.

To implement these actions, Tempo Libero cooperates with: Municipalities (town governments), Public Territorial institutions, Schools and Italian Language Certification Centres, voluntary organisations (both managed by Italian and foreign-born citizens) operating in the information and intercultural field.

In the intercultural field, Tempo Libero has been carrying out:

-       Italian language courses and school tutoring for foreign-born pupils and students

-       educational guidance for foreign-born students

-       training courses for  teachers aimed at including foreign-born students in their classes

-       training courses for: health-social workers and Italian and foreign-born volunteers

-       intercultural labs in schools

-      language courses and social guidance for foreign-born women

-      cultural mediation for schools, hospitals and welfare service

-       research in the field of immigration studies

-       information guides, translated in many languages, about the services available in the area of Brescia and its province

-       social service access training


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